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  • 00:00 No Room for Error

    Ordinarily Extraordinary: There's a lucky escape from a fiery accident for one of the competitors as the speeds in qualifying week begin to ramp up.

  • 01:00 All Elite Wrestling: Rampage

    Hard-hitting action from the world of All Elite Wrestling - the roster features world-class talent including Powerhouse Hobbs, Claudio Castagnoli, Ricky Starks and Jade Cargill.

  • 02:15 Isle of Man TT: Superstock Race 1

    Essentially road legal motorcycles without lights and indicators, the RL360 Superstock race is the rawest at the Isle of Man TT. Race one of two.

  • 03:10 Auto Mundial

    The latest news and reviews from the world of cars. Featuring the finest classic cars and new releases with coverage from Salon Prive London.

  • 03:40 Motorsport Mundial

    This programme brings you up to date with the latest action from the world of motorsport and features race coverage, insights, and behind-the-scenes footage from the best series.

  • 04:05 Minder

    Rocky Eight and a Half: Arthur uses all his persuasive powers to cajole a reluctant Terry into donning his boxing gloves once more, and Dirty Harry lives up to his name. [SL].

  • 05:00 Shop: Ideal World

    Join Ideal World for some of the best offers and products on TV. To see more go to www.idealworld.tv.

  • 08:00 Minder

    Senior Citizen Caine: Drama series about the shady dealings of two loveable rogues. Arthur's ambition to own a Rolls are jeopardised when Terry has to protect a widowed garage owner. [SL].

  • 09:05 The Professionals

    The Ojuka Situation: Bodie and Doyle are assigned to protect the former head of an African state whose life has been threatened. [SL].

  • 10:05 The Saint

    The Helpful Pirate: When a conman and his girlfriend trick a prominent scientist with a tale about hidden treasure, he is taken hostage in Hamburg and sold to the Russians.

  • 11:10 The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

    The Golden Pince-Nez: Holmes and his brother Mycroft investigate when the assistant to an elderly professor dies with a pair of golden pince-nez clutched in his hands.

  • 12:20 Magnum, P.I.

    The Eighth Part of a Village: Classic US action drama series. The private eye's conscience is pricked by a fortune cookie prediction, so he decides to return some favours to pals.

  • 13:20 The Saint

    The Convenient Monster: Another adventure with freelance troubleshooter Simon Templar. The Loch Ness monster is under suspicion following a spate of hideous deaths.

  • 14:25 The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

    The Red Circle: After a landlady pleads with Holmes to investigate her mysterious tenant, Holmes and Watson are plunged into a violent criminal organisation known as The Red Circle.

  • 15:40 Isle of Man TT: Superstock Race 1

    Essentially road legal motorcycles without lights and indicators, the RL360 Superstock race is the rawest at the Isle of Man TT. Race one of two.

  • 16:40 Magnum, P.I.

    Past Tense: Classic US action drama series. A pair of crooks hijack TC's helicopter and use it to free a convict who is determined to kill Thomas as revenge for his internment.

  • 17:45 The Professionals

    Lawson's Last Stand: Drama series about two criminal intelligence agents. The duo must find a lieutenant colonel in possession of valuable NATO secrets who has vanished.

  • 18:45 Minder

    High Drains Pilferer: Drama series about the shady dealings of a spiv. Terry has the misfortune to be driving for mobster Micky the Fish when his mistress's jewellery is stolen.

  • 19:55 Giant Lobster Hunters

    We explore how lobster crews navigate changing tides, powerful currents, and unpredictable weather conditions as they battle against Mother Nature.

  • 20:55 World of Sport

    Dare Devils: Richard Henwood takes a look back at dare devil jumps by Evel Knievel and Eddie Kidd. Ep3.

  • 21:00 Cycling: Criterium Du Dauphine Highlights

    Stage 4: Cours - Belmont-de-la-Loire - 31.1 km: Stage four is the first big test for the overall victory with a rolling time trial that favours powerful riders.

  • 22:00 World Rally Championship Highlights

    Round six of the season is WRC Rally Italia Sardegna. Based in the east coast town of Olbia, its fast and narrow stages leave no margin for error.

  • 23:00 Isle of Man TT: Supertwin Race 1

    The Carole Nash Supertwin TT race is the most highly tuned class race, with four-stroke twin cylinder motorcycles buzzing their way around the TT course. Race one of two.

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