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  • 00:00 How I Caught the Killer

    An unlikely informant holds the key to justice when 59-year-old antique dealer Michael Griffiths is targeted and brutally killed in his home.

  • 01:00 World's Most Evil Killers

    Bobby Joe Long is on Florida's death row for abducting, sexually assaulting and murdering at least 10 women in the Tampa Bay area during an eight-month period in 1984.

  • 02:00 The Killer Within

    A look at what drove a man like Ahmed Al Khatib to murder his wife. Ahmed blamed the influence of evil spirits when he plotted to get away with murder.

  • 03:00 Murders That Shocked the Nation

    John George Haigh dissolved his victims' bodies in acid and poured the sludge down the drain. Fred Dinenage investigates his gruesome murders in 1940's London.

  • 04:00 Killer In My Village

    The story of taxi driver Ben Lacomba, who was convicted for the brutal murder of his ex-partner even though her body was never found.

  • 05:00 An Unexpected Killer

    Police are frustrated by a lack of evidence until a startling admission finally leads them to the killer.

  • 06:00 Road Wars

    The Thames Valley Police provide fascinating insight into car crime and its prevention, as well as videos of dangerous drivers in action.

  • 06:30 Road Wars

    Simon and Chris tackle a car thief in the snow, later their arrestee's drug stash is found in his nether regions, and someone in the custody suite fancies an attempt to nick the takings.

  • 07:00 Motorway Patrol

    A berserk bike-rider needs restraining; Canadian pedestrians with blessings and ginger beer; a swinging 1960s party bus.

  • 07:30 Motorway Patrol

    A serious crash involving a signal truck and a drunk driver; a sweet-talking Russian cyclist loses her way; Granny learns that driving in first gear is not good for your car.

  • 08:00 Highway Patrol

    When a sergeant stops a car, his partner notices a weapon in the car. Two senior constables attempt to deal with a speeding car with bald tyres and a toddler sitting in the passenger footwell.

  • 08:30 Highway Patrol

    A traffic cop is given a hard time but after Senior Constable Russel Warner stops a driver, he gets a reaction like none other he's seen before. Senior Constable Jerome Murnane stops a car with a couple of stoned occupants inside.

  • 09:00 Motorway Patrol

    Motorway patrol officers are kept busy by repeat offenders and aggressive drivers. Blown truck tyres and loud-mouthed lads only add to the chaos.

  • 09:30 Motorway Patrol

    A group of shoplifters find their luck has run out when they are caught in the getaway car. Duck tales unfold along the side of a motorway.

  • 10:00 Highway Cops

    Officers contend with a Harley driver who isn't abiding by the road rules, and the world's fastest hedgehog.

  • 10:30 Highway Cops

    In the Tasman District, Terry Richards and his colleagues are not going to wait long for the first traffic offence. An intoxicated motorist overlooks a full stop sign. It turns out he does not have a driver's license.

  • 11:00 Nothing to Declare

    Officers suspect a Brazilian man is lying to them and the truth may lay in his bag. A Chinese student in a hurry attracts the attention of Biosecurity officers.

  • 11:30 Nothing to Declare

    Things go from bad to worse for a young man when drugs are found in his bag and his fiancee is left further unimpressed by what is revealed next.

  • 12:00 Caught Red Handed

    A bar owner fights back against bag snatchers and pickpockets; and three hapless teenagers burgle a house - unaware that the police are watching their every move.

  • 12:45 Caught Red Handed

    The remarkable story of a police operation to smash a drugs ring and catch the dealers in the act.

  • 13:30 999 Frontline

    We're on the road with Ted and Inca, as well as their specialist Dog Handler from Bedfordshire Police.

  • 14:00 An Unexpected Killer

    A glamorous 85-year-old millionaire is found stabbed in her basement, sending police on an international investigation that unearths devilish secrets, double lives and a killer no one saw coming.

  • 15:00 How I Caught the Killer

    A look at how police used CCTV, eyewitness statements and a public appeal to find the killer of a 28-year old woman, found dead on the streets of Nottingham.

  • 16:00 Killer In My Village

    When a teenager disappears without trace at a Kent train station, painstaking forensic evidence is used to unmask her killer.

  • 17:00 World's Most Evil Killers

    The story of the I-95 killer, who brutally killed six men in 1994 before being executed three years later.

  • 18:00 Britain's Most Evil Killers

    A profile of the two murderers who terrorised Britain in the 1980s with a string of attacks near railway stations.

  • 19:00 How I Caught the Killer

    DNA left on a cigarette butt leads investigators to the brutal killer of 84-year-old gun enthusiast Kenneth Speakman.

  • 20:00 Killer In My Village

    Mitesh Patel from Middlesbrough presented himself as a well-mannered family man. But behind closed doors, his wife paid the final price for his violent outbursts.

  • 21:00 World's Most Evil Killers

    The chilling story Genene Jones, a serial killer who worked as a nurse in Texas, where she killed many children and infants by injecting them with drugs.

  • 22:00 Britain's Most Evil Killers

    A master manipulator is accused of the murder of his wife, and is eventually caught out by a polygraph test - and his own fiancée.

  • 23:00 Murder In Slow Motion: The Shana Grice Story

    The story of 18-year-old Shana Grice, who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend after months of persistent and terrifying stalking.

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